Mike Pence wants reporter to apologize for Mayo Clinic mask tweet


Vice President Mike Pence wants an apology from a reporter who tweeted about a planning note saying masks were needed for Tuesday’s veep visit to the Mayo Clinic.

Pence was maskless during the trip and his wife, Karen Pence, told Fox News that her husband did not know about the clinic’s policies until after the visit.

The mask policy was communicated to journalists during the trip by Pence’s office and was revealed in a tweet Thursday by Voice of America reporter Steve Herman.

“All of us who traveled with him were informed by the @VP office the day before the trip that masks were required by @MayoClinic and to be prepared accordingly,” Herman wrote.

Herman, who was traveling to the Mayo Clinic, told the Washington Post that Pence’s office had threatened to prevent him from traveling on Air Force Two for violating the unofficial terms of the memo.

But a spokesperson for Pence later told the newspaper that repercussions were still pending pending apologies from Herman or his employer.

Pence was strongly criticized after the trip for not wearing a mask.

Photos and videos of the tour showed the vice president face down as he met with the Minnesota clinic staff and at least one patient. Everyone else in the sequence wore protective face coverings.


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