Michael Owen explains the key role of Jamie Carragher in the transfer to Real Madrid


Michael Owen revealed that he was more tempted to join Real Madrid after an encounter with Jamie Carragher, to prove that his Liverpool teammate was wrong.

The couple were close colleagues in the Reds’ locker room before Owen’s transition to the Bernabeu in 2004.

Real Madrid were able to recover Owen for an extremely modest sum of £ 8 million, given that the striker was only one year on his contract.

But the Los Blancos already had a multitude of stars at their disposal, including Brazilian superstar Ronaldo and club captain Raul, which prompted Carragher to warn.

“I was in America, Jamie Carragher and I were in the same room,” Owen told talkSPORT. “We were on a preseason tour and Rafa Benitez had just taken over in Liverpool.

Owen revealed Carragher's opinion persuaded him to move to Madrid
Owen revealed that Carragher’s opinion persuaded him to move to Madrid

“My agent called me and said” Madrid wants to buy you. ” I just remember putting the phone down after a few minutes to discuss it and Carragher looked at me and said “don’t do it”.

“And I told him” why not? “And he said I wouldn’t play there. It made me sign for them, thinking that I will prove that Carra is wrong! “

Owen had to give up his hero status at Anfield to become the last Galactico in Madrid and had a fairly prolific season (one goal on average every three games).

He added, “I always tell myself it was a nice problem. How can you complain that Real Madrid is interested in you? “

“Speaking of sleepless nights … one day I thought I couldn’t leave my family and friends [at Liverpool]. I was practically born in this football club and I rose through the ranks.

“But then, if you don’t go, you will have sixty years to think about what could have been. It was the worst problem in the world, but a beautiful problem at the same time. “

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Years later, after the plight of Owen injured in Newcastle, Carragher tried to intervene again, but this time to bring the former England ace back to the Merseyside club.

Carragher told the Greatest Game podcast: “I contacted Rafa and told him, ‘Listen to Owen on the loose and he’s about to sign for Man United in two days. United.

“He is happy to sit on the bench, whatever. I think – watch it now and I think we just signed David Ngog and they were like “no, we don’t want to do it, let him go”. “


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