Michael Moore’s “planet of humans” deleted from YouTube


Illustration to the article titled Michael Moore's Garbage iPlanet on humans / iHas been removed from YouTube

Image: The planet of humans

Michael Moore The planet of humans is a trash film that contains massive amounts of misinformation and try their hand at eco-fascism. It turns out that it also contained copyrighted material.

The film garnered 8 million views and gained popularity with climate deniers and right-wing groups thanks to YouTube, which hosts and showcases Earth Day. But now the platform has shot the copyright infringement video. Good riddance.

The planet of humans is full of problematic themes. The so-called documentary ignores the promise of solar and wind energy, based on a old fashioned view Of the industry. He then proposed population control as a solution to the climate crisis. This line of thought is dangerous. It borders on eco-fascism, which supports white supremacy to save the planet. No thanks, man.

Toby Smith, an environmental photographer, found another problem with the film: it contains some of his work without his permission. He wasn’t happy to see him, and he wasted no time trying to work with Gibbs and Moore. He went straight to YouTube, filing a complaint over the weekend.

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“I went straight to YouTube rather than approaching the filmmakers because I was not interested in negotiation”, Smith told the Guardian. “I don’t support the documentary. I don’t agree with her message and I don’t like the misleading use of the facts in her story. ”

YouTube is notoriously bad to remove the content. But the video streaming service listened to the case and took the film because of Smith’s complaint. Its something that environmental groups and climatologists have been calling for since the release of Earth Day, but for different reasons.

The company has a record of taking advantage of undeniably horrible shit like pedophilia, disinformation, and hate speech. Every click, every view, even those that support conspiracy theories or lies, sends money to society. Climate denial, in particular, is important on the video streamer platform and another source of business profits. Last year, study found conspiracy theorists and misinformation dominate scientific content of the climate platform, and The planet of humans is the most prominent addition. More recently, the company has been criticized for make money videos promoting remedies for dangerous and unproven coronaviruses, including “herb growing videos”.

The director of the film, Jeff Gibbs, tries to put the film back online. He sees his withdrawal as “another attempt by opponents of the film to undermine the right to freedom of expression”, by declaration by the deadline. There is a good chance that climate deniers will rally around this, adding fuel to the fire. It could also fuel the fire of untrue allegations from Conservatives who criticize online Liberal bias, including the president himself.

Will YouTube bring back this stupid movie? I hope not. People need facts these days. A less terrible YouTube video alone won’t fix the climate misinformation crisis, but at least the company won’t continue to make any money.


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