Michael Jordan: 7 reasons why we’re still obsessed with The Last Dance


Michael Jordan wears second hat-trick, 1998

We have a Michael Jordan moment. Again.

It is strange that one of the greatest sports stories of the past two months has been that of a Chicago Bulls basketball team in the late eighties and nineties.

In the absence of live sport, the documentary series The Last Dance has done much to eliminate this itch for us and we are still hooked on Michael Jordan, more than 20 years after his retirement.

In the last episode of the series, Barack Obama says “that he has become an important ambassador for basketball in the world. Michael Jordan and the Bulls have changed the culture. “

NBA Hall of Fame Reggie Miller calls Jordan “the black Jesus.”

Why are we still so obsessed with Jordan? Some ideas…

1. His mentality of “winning whatever happens”

If you learn anything about Michael Jordan from The Last Dance, it’s that not only does he like to win, but he can’t help but win.

We see him defying everything from club doctors to suspected food poisoning