Michael Chiesa explains why Gilbert Burns will be his “biggest rival” at the UFC


Michael Chiesa thinks he found his perfect competitive match.

While most fighters find their biggest professional rivalries as a result of trash discussions and personal differences, Chiesa found hers in the Gilbert Burns, who is expected to meet Tyron Woodley at the May 30 main event in London. ‘UFC.

Both Chiesa and Burns were very successful, leaving behind intense weight reductions to 155 pounds. Burns has had the opportunity to face a former champion, and Chiesa admits it is a little salty to let yourself pass. But the TUF winner thinks a fight against “Durinho” is still in the cards as soon as possible.

“It’s a difficult thing, but I think the fight could still be around after he and Woodley are done doing their thing,” said Chiesa during an appearance on MMA Fighting. What the hell. “I think Gilbert Burns will become my biggest rival. We talk regularly, we both have some respect for each other. And I said to him, “Man, I want nothing more than to compete with you,” and I think that’s my best challenge right now. I look at his skills and he’s the guy who’s going to cause me the most trouble. If you associate that with the fact that I have a ton of respect for the guy, I think the world of him. There is nothing to lose. Let’s have fun. ”

“Maverick” hit the headlines when he said he was unlikely to fight in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic due to his inability to prepare properly. That ruled out an immediate meeting with Burns, who told MMA Fighting that he had told Chiesa about a possible clash after arriving in Demian Maia’s first round in the main co-event of UFC Brasilia.

Chiesa was invited to comment on this conversation.

“I pretty much told him,” I’m not going to fight the best welterweight jiu-jitsu practitioner without being able to train in my jiu-jitsu academy, “” he said. “If you go into an MMA fight and have a revolver that contains six bullets, it’s like shooting two bullets and only being able to get in with four. I’m trying to get as many bullets as possible to get into a shootout.

“Going to fight Gilbert Burns without training in jiu-jitsu, I mean, it’s just stupid. That’s what I said to him, “I want to fight you badly, but I’m doing myself no favor if I can’t train in jiu-jitsu. I am not a black belt world champion like you – I am a blue belt. »»

After being subdued by Anthony Pettis in his last light fight, Chiesa has won three consecutive welterweight matches in the octagon. The 32-year-old won a second round victory over Carlos Condit at UFC 232, as well as unanimous wins against Diego Sanchez and former champion Rafael dos Anjos.

As Burns prepares to take on the former welterweight champion later this month, Chiesa will watch with interest.

“I’m shooting for him against Tyron,” he said. “I think, whatever happens, he and I are on a collision course. We will fight one day. It’s just meant to be. Until then, I’m just going to sit down as a fan and hope he will win. I really hope he beats Woodley. It would be huge. It would be a big feather in his cap. “


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