Monday, March 8, 2021
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Metro Boomin roasts Doja Cat with OnlyFans and KKK Joke


Doja Cat has been criticized for a series of videos showing her interacting with right-wing racist men in a chat room, leading Metro Boomin to the clowner.

Doja Cat apologized for a number of videos that resurfaced this weekend, showing her involvement in several chat rooms where she allegedly participated in racist and anti-black discussions. Despite his explanation, people are still furious at the top recording artist, threatening to cancel him on Twitter.

It looks like his fan base is shrinking in number as people start to leave the ship, and you can probably count super producer Metro Boomin among this group.

Between mixing sessions with 21 Savage for the highly anticipated Wild Mode 2 album, Young Metro decided to ring the controversy of Doja Cat, by telling a joke about it on his personal page.

“#Onlyklans,” wrote the beatmaker, adding a bunch of laughing faces to the side.

The joke is subliminal in nature, but it’s pretty safe to say he’s making fun of Doja Cat right now. The rapper was in front of the camera and showing his strengths to pretty skeezy people, leading Metro to create a new personalized term for it to combine OnlyFans with the Ku Klux Klan.

Are you upset with Doja Cat right now or do you understand his explanation of the whole event? Will you continue to support it after that or is it officially canceled in your books?


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