Meghan Markle receives degrading nicknames from palace workers: “Me-Gain”, “Di Lite”


Apart from the scrutiny of the media, Meghan Markle was also not a favorite within the palace

Meghan Markle’s unconventional background had certainly been an eyebrow raiser in the British royal family, not just among the members but also the staff and other insiders.

The drama tormented the lives of Meghan and Prince Harry not only with the scrutiny of toxic media, but the former actor was also not a favorite within the palace.

Several surprising revelations came afloat after a palace worker opened up to British author Tom Quinn about the inside scoop of his next book Kensington Palace: an intimate memory of Queen Mary to Meghan Markle.

It was revealed that the latest generation of royal family members also faced the flak, as Meghan was often mentioned by staff members with wrong nicknames such as “Me-Gain”, “the Duchess of difficult”, “Di 2” and “Di Lite. “

The Sussex pair have now moved to the other side of the pond in California, where they are still being harassed by the paparazzi left, right and center.

According to Stanley, father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the decision to move to Los Angeles was also made mainly by Meghan.

“Whose decision was it, I wonder, to build a new life in North America? I can’t help but think that Meghan, as we should now call her, played a prominent role here, “he said. Page six.


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