Meghan Markle “played” with the hearts of teenage boys before finding fame


Before finding celebrity showbiz, Meghan Markle used to “play with the boys’ hearts,” said her school friend.

American reality star Nema Vand said the Duchess of Sussex “played with her heart” during their high school years.

Nema, 37, who is best known for her appearance in Shahs of Sunset, discussed her alleged previous date with Meghan in the Reality Life podcast with Kate Casey.

The TV star explained that her high school for boys was twinned with Meghan’s school for girls so the couple could see each other frequently.

He revealed, “She knew what she was doing, she was playing with our hearts masterfully. “

Nema Vand says Meghan “played” with boys’ hearts in high school

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He remembered how he and Meghan had almost shared a woodcock but the moment was unfortunately interrupted.

He explained, “We were at a party once and she sat on my lap. She came face to face with me. For a 16 year old boy, this is a touching moment.

“She said to me in Farsi,” You are so beautiful. “I asked him,” How do you know Farsi? “She said,” I learned it for you. “Then she walked away. “

The couple would monitor the manor
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He added: “I like to hope that Meghan Markle watches” Shahs of Sunset “, and I hope she tells this almost fictional story with as much authenticity as I do. “

But despite her fond memories of the actress, Nema revealed that one of her friends in particular had a slightly different memory of the Duchess.

Nema claimed that Meghan had hurt her friend Gabe’s feelings

He explained, “And by the way, if Meghan Markle listens, I’ll say it once. Meghan, you really upset our friend Gabe.

“My friend Gabe, who I grew up with Meghan with, went to high school and he said that after wearing ‘Costumes’, they had been friends for years, and then he said that she had somehow ghosted him . “

Meghan reportedly “ghosted” Gabe after landing role in Suits

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He added, “It really hurt his feelings. I feel like Gabe really appreciated his friendship.

“So Meghan, if you hear that, contact Gabe. You know who it is, and just this boat. “

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