Meghan Markle ends pregnancy speculation as she celebrates birthday with Prince Harry | Royal | New


The couple reportedly marked their last milestone in the 15 million pound mansion in Los Angeles, where they stayed with the one-year-old Archie. Writing in Harper’s Bazaar, royal biographer Omid Scobie, who is said to be close to 38-year-old Meghan, revealed details of a celebration of the celebration of the isolation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He said they turned to Zoom calls to recall their Windsor wedding with guests who attended their big day on May 19, 2018.

A source said that Harry, 35, and his American wife enjoyed chatting with family and friends.

The source told the publication: “They all remembered the wonderful and magical day.

Omid said that Meghan and Harry ended their day of celebrations with Mexican food and margarita cocktails.

He said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave each other “cotton-based” gifts to mark the occasion.

He said, “And with the Sussexes now based in Los Angeles, it seemed fair to celebrate with a Southern California favorite: Mexican cuisine.

“The couple, who also traditionally exchanged cotton gifts, enjoyed a number of favorite dishes, topped with margaritas. “

The revelation cancels any speculation that Meghan may be pregnant again, a year after the couple welcomed their first child.

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A spokesperson for the company said that “bettors are confident that 2020 could bring more joy to the pair, and they disagree at 4/7 to announce a new pregnancy in 2020”.

Just weeks after the Sussex’s flight to LA to create a home, royal fans continue to speculate on where Archie will grow up.

Betfair said bettors “seem to think that Archie will join his cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis in attending his first year of school in the UK”.

But the chances of the royal king going to school in the United States are more likely, given his parents’ recent move to Meghan’s home state.

Earlier in the week, Bazaar quoted a source close to the couple as saying that the couple had cleared their journal.

The source said, “The day will just be quality time between them and the family.

“They will not do any work and have made sure that there are no meetings or calls in the newspaper. “

Meghan, Harry and Archie are believed to be hiding in a secluded Tuscan-style 10-bed villa.

Beverly Ridge gated property is owned by American actor Tyler Perry.


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