Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan say they will keep fighting


Appearing in different places on ABC on “Good Morning America” ​​on Monday, the two called Friday’s decision “shock.”

“This decision was out of the left field for us,” said Morgan. “I think for both sides it was unexpected, so we will definitely appeal and move on. If anyone knows something about the heart of this team, we are fighters, and we will continue to fight together for it. “

US District Judge R. Gary Klausner in California wrote in his ruling that USWNT members had not proven pay discrimination under equal pay law because the women’s team played more games and won more money than the men’s team.

The women’s team also rejected a collective agreement in which it would have the same salary structure as the men’s team in favor of another collective agreement, Klausner wrote.

The ABC for women guarantees that the players will be compensated, whether or not they play a match, while the ABC for men requests that the players be paid if they are called into the camp to play and then participate in a match, according to the court record.

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Klausner wrote that women were asking a court to find that women were paid less than men because if women had been paid under the ABC of men, they would have earned more than they did in under their own ABC.

But, according to Rapinoe: “The male contract was never offered to us”.

“If we were contracted to the men, we would do three times more,” Rapinoe told ABC.

“You can look at the total compensation and say,” Oh, the women’s team did a little more. During this time when we did a little more, we won two World Cups and we won almost every game we played. The rate of pay is therefore so different. To be honest, I think so many women are going through this.

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“When we looked at our CBA, I think the court judge hinted at this, that now that the contracts have gone down, we’re just saying that because we did less, we would like to go to the men’s contract.

“The men’s contract was never offered to us and certainly not the same amount of money, so to say that we negotiated for our contract and that’s what we agreed to, I think so many women can understand what that it is that the feeling of entering into negotiations knowing that equal remuneration is not on the table. Knowing anywhere near his male counterparts is not even on the table. ”

On Monday, the United States National Men’s Team Players Association posted a statement on its website showing support for members of the United States National Women’s Team.

“USMNT players continue to support WNT players in their efforts to ensure equal pay,” said the statement. “For a year and a half, USMNT players made proposals to the Federation that would ensure equal pay for USMNT and USWNT players. We understand that WNT players plan to appeal last week’s decision and we support them. “

Claims by players regarding uneven working conditions based on travel conditions, in particular charter flights and hotel accommodation, and assistance services, in particular medical assistance and training, may still go to trial. The trial is scheduled for June 16.


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