McHenry County Mayors Want to Leave Northeast Region in Pritzker, Illinois Restoration Plan


MCHENRY COUNTY, Ill. – McHenry County leaders want to leave the Northeast region as part of Governor JB Pritzker’s Illinois restoration plan.

McHenry County Council Chair Jack Franks said he lobbies on behalf of his constituents, individuals and business owners. He said that McHenry County should not be part of the Northeast region that includes the city of Chicago.

Franks leads a coalition of McHenry County mayors, 25 of whom are calling on the governor to reconfigure the regional map.

McHenry is currently in the Northeast sector, but their positive results for COVID-19 are lower than other counties in the group, said Franks to be treated differently.

“Our numbers are very different,” said Franks. “I can tell you where I live in Marengo, I’m 100 km from the city of Chicago and it’s a whole different world. “

In a letter to the governor, she said in part: “… Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot adopted changes to the Restore Illinois plan to reflect the unique circumstances of her city. Likewise, McHenry County has unique circumstances that make it no less unique and deserve just as much consideration. “

In his daily coronavirus briefing, Pritzker said the map was drawn the way it was because people can live in one region and travel to another – like a much more populated Cook County and Chicago, which has the increased risk of contracting and transmitting the virus.

“This is why there is a danger to people who live nearby, who commute to and from work and who are likely to carry the virus back and forth,” said Pritzker.

But Franks, on behalf of his coalition, said yes, some people travel to and from, but with the appropriate social distance and other Phase 3 guidelines, safety and assistance for businesses and employees should not be mutually exclusive.

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