May 2020 monthly love horoscope for all zodiac sign relationships


Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

The love horoscope of May 2020 begins in a big way and does not end differently. His doesn’t necessarily offer a reprieve from what we’ve been through, but rather shows us the way through whatever is to continue, hoping that everything will be better and make sense.

While each month has its own sun sign that can straddle a zodiac season, it also has its own theme, which is dictated by the transits, planetary movements and even the cycles of the moon that occur there.

In astrology, the monthly love horoscope includes many planets becoming retrograde. It means that we are asked to really go within ourselves so as not to miss what we did last time.

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Place Vénus-Neptune: May 1-May 8

We start the month with a Venus-Neptune square, which is all about the action point between the planet of love (Venus), and the planet that governs our illusions and fantasies (Neptune).


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