Matthew Stafford’s renovated home has made some teammates suspicious


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Shortly after Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford met virtually with reporters to dispel rumors of the off-season that he might be leaving Detroit, his $ 6.5 million Michigan home landed on the market. Stafford’s wife, who helped fuel rumors of the offseason, quickly attempted to overturn the idea that the Stafford’s were preparing for a permanent exit from the area.

Nothing will change the perception that 2020 will be a boom or a recession year for many Lions franchise employees. And nothing will change the reality that the Stafford house is great.

Carlos Monarrez from Detroit Free Press take a closer look at the residence, with many details on a thorough renovation carried out by the Staffords from June 2015 to May 2017. The builders have emptied the old house and added 3000 square feet.

It’s a very impressive structure, including a very unique feature (outside the indoor basketball court with wood from the Silverdome des Pistons floor): a 600-bottle wine cellar with a glass ceiling that overlooks the dining room.

Project manager Tim Birchmeier told Monarrez that the glass floor left some of Stafford’s greatest teammates suspicious.

“There were a few linemen there and they didn’t want to sit at the dining room table,” said Birchmeier. “They didn’t want anything to do with it. . . . This glass is an inch and a quarter thick. But I was a little wary myself, weighing almost 300.. . the first two times to step on it. “

The article contains a lot more about the house, which at $ 6.5 million sounds like a good deal. For everyone who has $ 6.5 million to spend on a home. And who has no qualms about walking on a glass floor.


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