Matt Damon lives his best pandemic life locked up in an Irish seaside town for eight weeks


As pandemic chaos engulfs the United States, actor Matt Damon lives his best life, locked in a leafy Dublin suburb for eight weeks.

The Martian, The Departed and film star Jason Bourne is based in a $ 12 million house in Dalkey, just outside Dublin, since The Last Duel, a film directed by Ridley Scott, in because of the pandemic. With most flights from Europe to the United States closed, the star decided to stay put.

After weeks of sightings, Damon has now confirmed to Spin 1038 – in a video call with hosts Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly – that he is in town with his wife Luciana Barroso and three of their children. Damon’s older daughter, who is based in New York, had actually caught COVID-19 but is now healthy again.

He joked that the delay in making contact with the station was “a bit of my fault” because he had heard the DJs pleading for him to be broadcast a month before, but had forgotten the number that ‘they had suggested calling. Finally, his wife told him to stop being an “idiot” and call the show; he said his new neighbor, Bono, urged him to do the same.

” It’s incredible. This is one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed in. Obviously what’s going on in the world is horrible, but … I’m with my whole family, I have my children, “he told the shocked hosts. One, O’Reilly, said he was so excited about the call that he was about to make the call.

Damon, in the 15-minute call, explained his new life in Dublin and said there was no desire to leave because the family had what they needed. He had local teachers lined up for his children before the pandemic even hit Ireland, and they stayed on board.

“We have teachers with us because we were planning to miss school for about eight weeks … we have what no one else has, who are real human beings who teach our children.

“We feel guilty for having this kind of incredible facility there, I mean, it’s absolutely beautiful. Even during the lockout, it’s like you have to stay less than two kilometers from your house, I mean two kilometers from here, there are trees and forests and woods and the ocean. I can’t think of any place where you would prefer to be within two kilometers. ”

Damon is seen in Dalkey with his plastic shopping bag.


Damon was spotted working along the local hill of Killiney and swimming in a sea bathing spot known as Vico. A photo that went viral made him very happy because he was wearing his swimsuit in a plastic bag from the famous supermarket chain SuperValu.

“We did not show up with beach bags,” he said. “We were improvising. “

While in town, Damon and his family stay in a sumptuous house on Sorrento Road in the town, owned by former Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine, reports the Irish Independent; Bono lives nearby and although they can’t find themselves because of the lock, Damon said they had video calls.

“You will love it,” Damon told radio hosts. “He told me last week,” You know, there’s a local radio station looking for you. And so it was like the last dash for me, I was like I really have to find these guys. “

Damon told the hosts that he plans to meet his New York-based daughter soon, but that he will be with Dalkey for “at least a few more months.” When the restrictions are completely lifted, he hopes to resume filming the interrupted film, which still has eight weeks to go.

“Who knows what the world will look like,” he said. “It wouldn’t be a bad place to end, however. “


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