Martin Lewis urgent message to car owners during lockout


In his speech to the nation yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that starting Wednesday, the British will now be able to drive for exercise.

He also urged people who have to go to work but can’t work from home to return, but said to avoid public transportation whenever possible.

The news has caused many car owners to question their rights during the lockdown, and now Martin Lewis has shared an important message.

Speaking of canceling auto insurance during the lockout, the money-saving expert says, “The difficulty is that we don’t know how long the lockdown will last.

“If it was only weeks, it would be a problem for a small economy. “

But he adds, “Still, if you don’t think you’ll be driving a lot anyway, even when the rules are relaxed, then, for example, if you have two cars and probably only use one, that could save you money.

“But remember, if you don’t have auto insurance, your car isn’t covered for damage or theft. “

Even if you don’t drive at all due to the lockout, you will still need auto insurance unless you keep your vehicle on private property in which you will need an SORN, reports Birmingham Live.

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The money-saving expert also says that people could request payment holidays starting Wednesday, May 13.

He said this applied to installment payments, revealing, “The Financial Conduct Authority has announced proposals, which may be approved this week and put in place next Wednesday, which mean that people can get more than one thing . “

These include payment holidays of 1 to 3 months on request, it is for those who pay monthly insurance and have problems with coronavirus.


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