Marquise Goodwin: 6 things to know about the new veteran Eagles wide receiver


The Philadelphia Eagles acquired Marquise Goodwin in the 2020 NFL draft by simply going down 20 places in the sixth round from 190 to 210. Talk about a low-cost trade.

In order to learn more about Philly’s new wide receiver, I thought it would be beneficial for BGN readers to have a perspective on the San Francisco 49ers on Goodwin. Here is my exchange with the connoisseurs Kyle Posey of Niners Nation.

1 – Can you summarize Marquise GoodwinIs the time with the 49ers?

Goodwin was at his best in late 17 when he and Jimmy Garoppolo builds a connection. Aside from those few games, he was hit and miss with the fast receiver. Goodwin was too inconsistent for what the 49ers needed in attack, and ultimately he was knocked out of last year’s offensive mid-season.

2 – What is the reaction of the 49ers who leave him?

There was no animosity towards Goodwin. We all understood that he was not going to play a role in 2020 and that he was likely to be removed. I think we all appreciated the general manager John Lynch find a good home for Marquise, and that’s exactly what Philadelphia is.

3 – What are Goodwin’s strengths? Something beyond speed?

Goodwin will make defenses respecting his speed. It’s not just fast; he’s fast at the Olympic level. Goodwin alluded to trying for the 2020 Olympics in the summer of 2019. He also won the 40 yards from the NFL, which went to the fastest player in the league. He would have had better figures if Jimmy G had not overturned Goodwin on a few roads last season. Aside from the speed, there isn’t much else he has brought to the 49ers, but that doesn’t mean Philly can’t get the most out of Marquise.


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