Marc Maron mourns his partner Lynn Shelton in an emotional podcast


Marc Maron’s voice trembled at the first words he spoke. Just days after the sudden death of his partner Lynn Shelton, Maron spoke frankly to his large audience of podcasts of his grief on Monday.

“I don’t even know if I should be speaking in public,” said Maron. “But this is what I do and this is where I am at and there is no right or wrong with grief. “

Shelton, the beloved director of poignant human independent films like “Laggies” and “Your Sister’s Sister”, died early Saturday morning at age 54.

“She was my partner. She was my girlfriend. She was my friend and I loved her. I loved him so much. And she loved me and I knew it, “said Maron. ” We were happy. “

The actor-comedian spoke about a previous episode about Shelton being sick and testing negative for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. He said they thought it was strep throat, but his fever had not subsided, so they planned to take more tests on Friday. Before they could do it, however, she collapsed early Friday morning. Maron said the last time he saw her alive was when rescuers took her away.

“Then during the day there was never any good news,” he said.

The episode begins and ends with Maron’s thoughts on Shelton. But the bottom line is a replay of her August 2015 interview with her, which has the poignant distinction of being the first time they’ve met.

“She was married. I was with someone. But at this point, when I had this conversation, it was undeniable that we connected, “he said.

Shelton and Maron continued to collaborate frequently and over the past year they have become a couple. She made it in episodes of “Maron” and “GLOW”, two of her comic specials (“Marc Maron: Too Real” and “Marc Maron: End Time Fun”) and the 2019 feature film “Sword of Trust ” They also worked together on a screenplay – a “domestic drama” with which they had been tinkering for years.

“We just have to write the second part of the last act,” he said in an interview with IndieWire published last week. “We are close, but I cannot explain the resentment and contempt that I have for this thing hanging over my head. “

The two were in quarantine together in Los Angeles, writing and watching movies.

Maron was effusive on his podcast on his work (“a determined artist who just needed to put his expression in the world”) his innate charisma, his effect on people (“nobody has anything bad to say about Lynn Shelton “) And its effect on him (” I was definitely a better person when I was engaged with her “).

“If there’s one thing she really taught me, it’s that people love me, she loved me, and there is nothing I can do about it,” he said.

The admiration went both ways. Last year, Shelton told The Associated Press that Maron was “one of the most natural actors” that she knew. Her turn in “Sword of Trust,” she said, was one of her “anyone’s favorite performances in anything.”


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