Map of France Covid-19: More departments in green


The departments are Gers, Loire-Atlantique and Mayenne.

Such maps are posted every night and the map revealed on May 7 (showing only red and green) will be used by government and local authorities to help shape the way deconfinement will take place locally.

Departments in red will have more restrictions than departments in green. The colors red or green will help local authorities to make decisions, for example on the reopening of schools, said the Prime Minister. In the red departments, colleges (secondary school from 11 to 15 years old), for example, may not reopen as well as municipal parks and gardens.

The departments currently in orange will be changed to red or green for the map on May 7 because it is the map that will be taken into account for deconfinement.

There are currently 32 departments in red, 50 in green and 19 in orange.

Three maps are presented each evening and two indicators are used to make them. The first is the circulation of the virus according to the number of patients going to the emergency room for suspected cases of Covid-19 (confirmed or not). The second shows the capacity of hospitals to treat patients according to the number of beds available in intensive care. The third card, as shown above, is a combination of these two cards.

All maps are available on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Since the start of the epidemic, there have been 24,895 deaths (in hospitals and nursing homes) from Covid-19 in France.

There were 135 deaths in the 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday – 96 in hospitals and 39 in nursing homes.

There are currently 3,819 intensive care patients – eight fewer than the previous day.

However, 245 people were able to return home while 345 were hospitalized in the past 24 hours, said the National Public Health Agency of France.

Since the start of the epidemic, 131,287 cases of virus have been reported in France, with 92,799 people hospitalized.


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