Manitobans ask questions about bowling alley and reopening of churches at COVID-19 City Hall


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Changes could be made to the opening of bowling alleys, churches and places of worship, as well as visits to personal care homes after Manitobans provide feedback on the Phase 2 plan for province for the reopening of services and businesses.

For about an hour, Minister of Health Cameron Friesen, Minister of Education Kelvin Goertzen, and Dr. Brent Roussin, Chief Public Health Officer of the province, answered questions from Manitobans at a COVID-19 telephone discussion session Tuesday evening.

When Jim from Winnipeg asked why bowling alleys were not allowed to open until phase 3 when so many other places like fitness centers, gymnasiums and swimming pools could do so in phase 2, Roussin admitted “this is a good question.

“This is one of the specific problems that we are still looking at,” he said.

“I think that is a valid point and we are still looking into it in fact, just this specific thing even tonight. I hope we will be able to communicate something more definitive in the coming days. “

The question of allowing parishioners to be able to worship arose when Sandy asked why churches could not be reopened like a restaurant can at a lower capacity.

Friesen said “all of this is a bit of a balance,” adding that there will be more changes soon.

“I will give you the answer that you really want to hear: I do not think that we are far from finding a solution that will restore the capacity of churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious groups to have interior services based on the level of occupation, “he said.

While Friesen admitted that the more time people spend with each other, the more the virus could spread, he said, “There are ways to get around this.

“Maybe all the other benches. Maybe separate families. Maybe have smaller services. This is all at stake and we will have something to say before too long, maybe before phase 3, on a way to welcome these groups and take things back in hand. Normal for these religious groups too. “

With personal care homes, said Friesen, when people can visit relatives from Friday, that will soon have to change too.

“We know from Dr. Roussin that apart from the risk is lower, so we can do it, but we all know that today has been a beautiful day in Manitoba where the rain stopped and the sun s ‘got up and it was hot,’ said Friesen.

“We know that in October or January, if we are still doing something, it has to be a more robust response, so I can give you this indication: behind the scenes while we open these outside visits (now), we have we need to do more and we anticipate how we can increasingly allow in-person visits between residents and their loved ones because it has to happen. “

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