Manitoba thrift stores begin to reopen


Manitoba thrift stores have started the reopening and accepting donation process after the closure to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Manitoba.

The Salvation Army announced Friday that it has started reopening donor centers in Winnipeg.

“During our temporary closure, we were preparing for our reopening,” said Ted Troughton, national general manager of the Salvation Army Thrift Store, in a statement. “We want our customers and donors to feel safe in every interaction they have with us, so we have taken extra care in accordance with health and safety guidelines to help ensure the well-being of our communities and our staff. “

Troughton stated that the measures in place include regular and continuous disinfection of the donor center, ensuring the use of appropriate personal protective equipment by all staff, and adherence to a strict quarantine protocol for all donations.

The centers do not temporarily accept donations of furniture or non-perishable goods.

Seven of the eight Salvation Army offices in Winnipeg are now open 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week.

The Wolseley Donation Center is not yet open, but the organization has announced that it will reopen soon.

According to its website, goodwill thrift stores have reopened in Winnipeg on Princess Street, Portage Avenue, St. Anne Road, Pembina Road and McPhillips Street. The company has also resumed pickup services, although they are only on the curb for the time being.

Full store hours are available online.

Goodwill’s location on Main Street in Ashern, Manitoba, remains closed.

The company has said it will limit the number of buyers in its stores and is asking customers to limit their shopping time to 30 minutes. Store locker rooms are not available.


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