Man arrested for attempted quarantine on private Disney island


Florida MPs arrested a man in his forties on a Disney World shutter island, telling authorities it looked like a “tropical paradise.”

Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies found Richard McGuire on Disney’s Discovery Island on Thursday. He said he had been there since Monday or Tuesday and had planned to camp there for a week, according to an arrest report.

The 42-year-old said he did not hear many MPs looking for him on the private island on foot, by boat and by plane because he was sleeping in a building. He told the MP that he did not know it was a restricted area, despite the numerous signs prohibiting intrusion.

“Richard said he was not aware of it and it looked like a tropical paradise,” according to the arrest report.

Orange County naval deputies on Bay Lake used a public address system to tell McGuire that he was not allowed to be on the property, but nevertheless stayed on the island, reports say. of arrest.

Disney security official said she saw McGuire use a company boat on Thursday, noting that the area had several “intrusion-free” signs and two doors closed. She asked the agency to file a complaint.

McGuire was arrested for trespassing and taken to jail without incident. It was not immediately clear whether he had a lawyer who could comment.

Previously called Treasure Island, Discovery Island had been the site of a zoo before the island was closed to public in 1999.


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