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Emmanuel Macron has seen 24 deputies leave his party in recent weeks, which has broken the majority of the French president in Parliament. On Tuesday, seven members of Macron’s En Marche Republic decided to resign – just eight days after 17 other members defected to form a new party.

Macron now has only 281 members in the lower house – well below the 289 needed for an absolute majority.

At the height of Mr. Macron’s popularity after his electoral victory in 2017, his party La République En Marche had a dominant majority with 314 members of Parliament.

The latest group of seven rebels will form a new faction called “Agir Ensemble” (Agir Ensemble) and become the 10th parliamentary group in the French National Assembly.

In a press release, Agir Ensemble insisted that the party wanted to “give a voice to liberal, humanist, social and European political sensitivity”.

The declaration reads as follows: “The creation of the Agir Ensemble group comes to embody and give a voice to the liberal, humanist, social and European political sensitivity which must be able to express itself fully within the current majority.”

The leader of the new faction, Olivier Becht, insisted that the new party was not in the opposition and would continue to “support the action of the president”.

The 44-year-old man compared the group to a “third pillar of the majority” alongside La République En Marche and the Democratic Movement (MoDem).

Becht said: “We want to support the action of the President of the Republic and be a pillar of the majority.”

Despite the internal crisis, Mr. Macron retains the power to define his policies through Parliament thanks to the support of 46 deputies from the Allied group MoDem, led by the mayor of Pau, François Bayrou.

A government source downplayed the importance of the latest changes, saying the Act Together faction would be “absolutely loyal to the majority and an additional pillar.”

However, another source said that Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had criticized the decision during an online meeting with deputies from La République En Marche.

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In France, there have been more than 140,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 28,000 deaths.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said France had spent £ 403 billion (€ 450 billion) – 20% of the country’s wealth – to deal with the economic crisis.

Like the British government, Macron has introduced a package of measures that include state-subsidized leave, state-guaranteed loans, tax deferrals and aid to small businesses.

Le Maire said: “If we take everything that has been done with the budget and to support the cash flow of businesses, its 450 billion euros, 20% of the country’s wealth on the table. “

(Additional report by Maria Ortega)


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