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The French leader paid tribute to the wartime French president at the site of a key battle, Montcornet, in northern France, as he attempts to reject claims that he mismanaged the COVID-19[female[feminine crisis. France has been hit hard by the virus with 28,000 deaths and more than 140,000 confirmed cases.

Although France was defeated in the Battle of Montcornet in 1940, Macron said the troops had fought a battle that had allowed the British army to evacuate from Dunkirk.

President Macron took advantage of his speech to unite the country and defend itself at a time when many citizens criticized his management of the coronavirus pandemic.

The French government has started to loosen the lock in place in the country, but has had a backlash over how it handled the COVID-19 crisis.

The French medical system demanded a better salary from Macron and an overhaul of the health system which was overwhelmed by the pandemic.

President Macron acknowledged the mistakes in reforming the national hospital system, which has faced years of cost reduction.

With probable reference to COVID-19, he said during the commemoration: “What de Gaulle tells us is that France is strong when it knows its destiny, when it is united, when it seeks cohesion. . . beyond discord which has become unimportant and disagreements too often pedantic. “

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“Here, we have seen the fiercely proud and free, determined and unwavering French spirit, which never dies even when the country is defeated, and which allows the French people to stand up and resume the great march of their history. “

Julien Aubert, deputy center-right opposition Republicans, said: “De Gaulle is national sovereignty, strategic independence, [but] Emmanuel Macron only rediscovered these things recently and he continues to mix them with the concept of European sovereignty, which is deeply contradictory. “

On Twitter, the user accused the president of being disconnected by comparing the Second World War to the struggles of the coronavirus.

They said, “How can you make as many communication errors as the president with the issues of the day, but what do we do with the spirit of resistance of Charles de Gaulle. No, but really!

“Your beliefs seem totally disconnected. “

Jean Luc on Twitter questioned his reference to De Gaulle, saying: “He celebrates # Defeat! Weird, right?

“He wants to erect a # Memorial: to be remembered for his incompetence in the management of # Covid_19? His #Logic escapes me. ”


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