Lynn Faulds Wood’s 4-year battle with a rare autoimmune disease before her tragic death


Emotional, Lorraine Kelly revealed that her late friend Lynn Faulds Wood had courageously battled a rare autoimmune disease for years while her husband John Stapleton remembered the time he lost his wife.

A tragic TV presenter died at the age of 72 in April after suffering a severe stroke at home.

The former Watchdog host died with John and his son Nick at his bedside, the family said.

Showbiz’s girlfriend Lorraine called her a “wonderful woman” – and has now spoken more about the loss of her dear friend.

The Scotswoman said Lynn was on a mission to eliminate the embarrassment of bowel cancer after winning the fight years before his death.

Lynn Faulds Wood is greatly missed by son Nick and husband John

Writing in her column in The Sun, she spoke more about Lynn’s battle against antiphospholipid syndrome – something the popular presenter never revealed.

“Lynn was fierce and did not suffer from fools with pleasure, but she was one of the kindest and most generous women,” said the star.

“Lynn has been living with the autoimmune disease ASP (antiphospholipid syndrome) for four years, which can increase the risk of blood clots and strokes. She never let ASP drop her, and she was a true force of nature.

“She leaves behind an impressive legacy, which can be seen in the love she inspired for John, Nick and all his family and friends, as well as her pioneering mission to save lives to eliminate the embarrassment surrounding the bowel cancer. “

Lorraine talked more about her friend’s life

Her husband John Stapleton, the BBC broadcaster, told the Daily Mail about that fateful day last month.

“We live in a beautiful community where, every Thursday evening since lockout, we went to a three acre parcel of land near our homes and gathered – at appropriate social distances – in a large circle” , did he declare.

“Someone is organizing the music, then we applaud for the NHS and the social workers. Lynn cheered and chatted with as much enthusiasm as ever.

Lynn loved her job and was watched by millions

“Then we went back inside, watched a movie, and at around 10 p.m., she tried to get up from the couch and collapsed. “

Lorraine was not allowed to attend the funeral last week due to the coronavirus crisis, which left her deeply injured.

Strict funeral rules mean that those present must be close family members or close friends if this is not possible – while a maximum of 10 people is advised, practicing social distancing during mourning.

She was a brave and fearless woman, said Lorraine on Saturday.

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Showbiz Editor Choices

Speaking of her show last Monday, Lorraine said, “I’ll tell you what’s really heartbreaking about this whole situation is that you can’t pay tribute to someone when they die. Funerals are limited.

“Today’s funeral for Lynn Faulds Wood we knew and loved very much, and of course we cannot be there. “

Emotive Lorraine continued, “John Stapleton, her husband, is going to talk to us on Thursday with her son, and that’s when we will both remember Lynn. “


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