Luke Shaw explains why Paul Pogba is the toughest opponent in Man Utd training


Luke Shaw explained why Paul Pogba is the most difficult player to face in training at Man Utd.

Backseat United has not had to come up against his teammate often during training sessions this season due to Pogba’s continuing injury concerns.

Instead, he had to deal with likes like Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, but admitted that he appreciates the challenge of facing such talented players, although Pogba is still in the lead.

When asked who he feared being in training, Shaw replied, “I wouldn’t say” fear “is the right word because I like to play against Rashy and Martial because they are delicate and high quality players and I love this challenge of facing them. ”

Luke Shaw says Paul Pogba is the toughest opponent he faces in training
Luke Shaw says Paul Pogba is the toughest opponent he faces in training

He told the club’s website, “Whenever I face Anthony, I like to have a little joke with him, talk to him a lot and say,” I’m coming for you. “

“In fact, probably the most difficult player to remove from the ball is Paul. He is so tall, strong, he has quick feet. To be fair, he has everything to be the best midfielder in the world.

“You can ask any player on the team about this. I should also choose Paul as the most difficult to coach because it is so difficult to take the ball away from him – he knows how to protect him and he also has the best quality for shots and assists too. ”

Pogba has returned to fitness after his last layoff due to injury and is expected to return in the first match of United if the proposed Premier League restart plan gets the green light.

The 27-year-old participated in a public training session with teammates Martial, Victor Lindelof and Andreas Pereira at a local park on Tuesday as they accelerated preparations before the potential restart.

The trio were seen wearing cardiac vests and performing sprint and individual exercises involving a ball, while respecting social distancing guidelines.

United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said last week about his star midfielder on Sky Sports: “I really think Paul is looking forward to leaving. He had a difficult season with injuries. He said it himself.

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“Marcus is also improving. For these two, it gives them a chance to start on a level playing field or even in front of the other players if, and when, we go ahead. “

“They have been focused and mentally, it may be easier for them to train hard now because they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. “

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