Lucy Fallon hopes to return to Corrie in the future after a pandemic hampers her career


Lucy Fallon has said she is ready to return to Coronation Street if the bosses have it.

The 24-year-old actress, who left the ITV show in March 2020, admitted after revealing that the coronavirus pandemic had hindered her career.

When she left the cobblestones of Corrie, the actress Bethany Platt expressed the hope of pursuing other opportunities of actor.

However, his hopes of landing more work were dashed due to the lockdown.

Speaking to the Sun, Lucy said she would not rule out the possibility of returning to the show in the future.

She said, “It was really difficult to make the decision to leave, but I have been there for five years and that is all I have ever known.

The 24-year-old actress left Coronation Street earlier this year

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“I had never done theater or anything far from Corrie and after the grooming scenario where I won quite a few awards, which was incredible, I realized that if I didn’t go out and try other things, I might end up wondering, ‘What if? ‘.

“But obviously Covid-19 has tossed everything in the air now.

“When I left, work started to take off and take off and now everything has stopped.”

Lucy starred in Corrie for five years, but set her sights on different roles

Despite her acting setbacks, the actress managed to organize a lavish departure party and vacation to Barbados before the lockdown.

Lucy revealed that she had asked her fellow actor help for advice on what to do.

She added, “I have no illusions that I will work forever and all of these parts will come to me, but I have spoken to a few people and they have given me the confidence to try.

Lucy could not find a job due to the lockout

“I am very aware of the fact that I don’t want it to sound like I see coming back to Corrie as a backup – it’s absolutely not like that.

“I love this show and I would do it a thousand times and I would go back 100% in the future if they had me. “

Lucy went on to say to the publication that she was trying to stay positive during the pandemic, but admitted that it was “sad” to have nothing to do.

While she stayed at home, the star had a chance to browse her wardrobe and list some of her old clothes for sale on Depop.

Lucy even dyed her hair pink because she is at home and does not work

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Despite the lockdown, all hope was not lost.

As with many creative industries, the television industry has also moved away from many things in order to progress.

In light of this, Lucy was able to record some auto-tapes for remote auditions.

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