Love Island Scot Laura Anderson finds love with the boy next door


Love Island star Laura Anderson has found love with the boy next door and plans to move to Scotland with him after the lockout is completed.

The 31-year-old woman, who released her new boyfriend Tom Brazier last week on Instagram, revealed that the personal trainer was her neighbor and they met while walking their dogs.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mail, Laura from Stirling recounted how they started as friends, but one thing led to another and they now isolate themselves together in their apartment complex in Chiswick, in West London.

Former stewardess, who caused a sensation by posting a steamy video of her doing a couple workout with Tom, 36, says that being locked up with him makes him feel like ‘she had a second chance at Love Island.

Laura and Tom train in an Instagram video.

Laura, who finished second in the 2018 season of the hit ITV show, said: “This is an incredible and very unexpected situation. I have known Tom since January.

“We live in the same complex and we stopped to say hello when we took our dogs to the park. I needed a new PT, so I approached him.

“We became friends, which was nice to do first. We started walking the dogs together and watching TV.

“Then one night, six weeks after my training, one thing led to another. He had no idea I was on Love Island.

Laura and Tom isolate themselves together during the coronavirus lockdown.

“We were boyfriend and girlfriend for a few weeks, and then the lockout happened. We both live by ourselves, so we decided to isolate ourselves together.

“Lockdown is like a second chance at Love Island. It’s much better than in the show.

“It was incredible. I cook and he trains. I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t like dogs so Tom immediately checked this box. “

So far, Laura has had no luck in love. She was thrown twice in the show, first by scientist Wes Nelson, 22, then by footballer Jack Fowler, 24.

Although she did find love with 32-year-old Paul Knops, it didn’t last outside the villa, as did her relationship with Series 1 winner Max Morley, 26.

Tom, who grew up in Winchester, Hampshire, trains the best female bodybuilders in the world.

Laura said, “I have never met anyone like him. He is motivated and business-oriented like me. He’s a strong and caring guy too. My family will love it. “

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Laura plans to return to Scotland this summer to work on the radio.

She added, “I’m still going to move to Scotland and Tom is looking to follow me in the next six months. It is the icing on the cake. “


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