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Lord Alan Sugar accused Piers Morgan of “frightening” during the coronavirus pandemic, calling his behavior “disgusting”.

Talking to Sarah-Jane Mee on her new Sky News In This Together podcast, The star of the apprentice said, “It just went completely over and in the early stages of[the[tea[le[theCOVID-19[female[feminine pandemic]alarmist, and his constant hammering of the government is absolutely irresponsible and disgusting to be honest. “

Alan Sugar
Lord Sugar appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

When Mee asked him if their friendship was beyond repair, Lord Sugar said, “I don’t really care, to be perfectly frank. I think he enjoyed, enjoyed making a name for himself.

“When it’s all over, who knows. Do I care? No. I couldn’t care less to be honest with you. But I will not remain silent and remain silent when I see him vomiting so much garbage unjustly against the government. “

Clarifying his political position, Lord Sugar added: “Let me be perfectly clear, the government is not perfect, mistakes have been made and they are learning as they go. “

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The 73 year old fighter with Morgan, 55, started in 2007 when the reporter participated in a charity version of The Apprentice, and was quickly sacked by the businessman.

They locked their heads several times in the years that followed, their public positions being played out frequently on social networks.

So far, the feuds have been relatively cheerful, and to prove the point, last year Lord Sugar appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

Morgan was not impressed with Lord Sugar’s Twitter followers

Last year, they even spent holidays in the south of France together.

However, their love-hate relationship worsened earlier this year, after Morgan spoke out against Boris Johnson’s government for his management of the Coronavirus pandemic.

And this month, Lord Sugar annoyed his ex-boyfriend after asking him if he had “bought followers” on Twitter. Morgan has 7.5 million subscribers, while Lord Sugar has 5.3 million.

Morgan has since described Lord Sugar as “an old friend.”

Assessing the government’s handling of the global health crisis so far, Lord Sugar admits: “We were stuck in our pants, so to speak.

“I mean no one has ever experienced anything like this and we have to learn as we go along and I think it is unreasonable to expect the government to be fully aware of what he should do.

“It’s a kind of learning curve. I think they did their best. I don’t think they deliberately go out of their way not to help, but it’s a learning curve. “

Donald Trump was talking to Piers Morgan
Morgan criticized the management of the crisis on both sides of the Atlantic

Lord Sugar also praised the ingenuity of businesses across the country throughout the foreclosure.

“It is the ingenuity of the entrepreneur or the business people who know what they can do rather than just sit and moan, just to move on and do something.”

“The restaurants have made takeout for example, some people jumped on the mask making process, some people realized that there was a business to be had in the health industry, so they got very well suited and good luck for them. »»

The full interview with Lord Sugar is included in Mee’s podcast In This Together, which aims to celebrate uplifting moments during the coronavirus epidemic.

Actress Katherine Ryan also joins the podcast chat.

#InThisTogether is available on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Sky News contacted Piers Morgan for comment.


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