London bus passengers must now pay again for the journey


TfL implements contactless payments because buses are secure for drivers (Photo: Getty Images)

Buses on 85 routes in London are now charging travel costs again after a month of fee waiver to keep drivers safe.

Passengers will need to touch or show their concession cards on all routes “once new security measures have been introduced to protect bus drivers,” said Transport for London (TfL).

The 85 routes were chosen because they are served by single door buses and New Routemaster.

TfL buses had stopped requiring passengers to pay on April 20 to protect drivers, 29 of whom died after being tested positive for coronavirus.

The buses on the 85 routes no longer have any openings in the driver protection screens for cash, and the communication holes in the screens have been blocked.

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Passengers are always asked to cover their faces to protect each other.

A “rigorous cleaning regime” has also been introduced in all TfL transport, including disinfection of passenger areas and hand sanitizer dispensers installed in bus and metro stations.

The resumption of bus fares was necessary as part of a £ 1.6 billion bailout deal between the government and TfL last week.

People are always asked to avoid non-essential use of public transportation (Image: Getty Images)

This week, services were raised to 85% of normal levels, and TfL said it was working to increase that figure to 100% “as soon as possible”.

People are still required to avoid non-essential travel on all forms of public transport.

TfL’s director of bus operations, Claire Mann, said, “This is a gradual return to the restoration of payments, so please follow the instructions and signage on the bus.

“And whatever buses you use, please wear a face cover.” This allows bus drivers and those who need to use buses to continue to do so safely. “

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