Logan Williams’ mom reveals cause of death at 16


Logan williams“Mum talks about the cause of her sad death at just 16 years old.

Marlyse Williams spoke to the New York Post about his son, who played the role of a young Barry Allen in The CW’s The flash, and revealed that he died from an overdose of fentanyl.

“His death will not be in vain,” she told the newspaper, while talking about her addiction. “It will help a lot of people on the road. “

Marlyse revealed that she found out that he was using marijuana when the game became “far too stressful” and he also went to rehab to fight his addiction.

Logan was “in complete denial because he was so ashamed” and she had done “all that was humanly possible – all that a mother could do. I did everything but handcuffed him to try to keep him safe. “

“We didn’t want people to know because of the judgment, because of the embarrassment, because of the critics. We wanted it to go away, ”she adds.

Marlyse Logan was last seen on March 30, just days before it was revealed that he was dead.

Logan also played on Supernatural and Hallmark When the heart calls you.

Melissa etheridge also lost his own son, Beckett Cypher, addiction this week. See what she shared about her death here.


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