Locking in France so effective, fewer people die than normal despite the pandemic


Fewer people died in France in early May than in the same period in the previous two years, following excessive high death rates during the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in March-April, according to the statistical agency INSEE.

The agency also said that while death rates increased with age for people over 50 during the epidemic, fewer young people died, probably because the lock-in has led to a decline in other causes of death, particularly accidents.

French mortality rates between May 1 and May 18 were 6% lower than May 1 to May 18, 2019 and 1% lower than that period in 2018, according to provisional data.

While the epidemic raged between March 1 and April 30, French mortality was 26% higher than March-April 2019 and 16% higher than the corresponding period in 2018.

“Since May 1 … we have not seen any excess mortality compared to the previous two years,” the agency said in a statement.


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