Locking hairdressers to offer reduced rates while working from home


Hairdressers would break lock restrictions while working from home, and many offer discounted rates.

The Sun reports that stylists across the UK are circumventing government rules by posting advertisements on classified websites, including Gumtree, and Trading Standards are currently investigating.

An anonymous hairstylist told the newspaper that he had a home hair salon but that he was not entitled to leave payments “so I have to make money”.

They said they decided to start providing services after clients contacted them, but said they wore a mask and gloves and used a hand sanitizer.

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Hairdressers Would Offer Home Services Despite Lockout

“I know it’s against the rules, but I take precautions and make sure everything is clean and disinfected, so I don’t see what is wrong. “

Many salon workers were put on leave, the government paying 80% of their wages without being able to work.

While trainee John, 23, from Newcastle, said he went to people’s homes to cut his hair for nothing because he needed to train to get his NVQ level 3.

Hair salons have closed with much of the UK after Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed the lock on March 23.

Hairdressers are feared to be closed for another six months

However, there is no fixed date for the reopening of hairdressers in the UK.

It is believed that foreclosure in the UK will be eased in stages, and it is hoped that small businesses, such as hairdressers, will be among the first to return to normal.

In other European countries, such as Denmark and Spain, hairdressers have reopened as restrictions have been relaxed.

The earliest that businesses will reopen in the UK would be in late May.

However, some fear that hairdressers will remain closed for six months because opening them could spread the coronavirus and infect more people.

Hilary Hall, CEO of the National Hair and Beauty Federation, said his concern was when salons could start operating safely – for their members and customers – and acknowledged that there were dangers to be had such close contact.

We will know more when Boris Johnson announced his strategy for the roadmap on Sunday.


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