Lockdown 3.0: this is what will open and what will remain closed from May 4 | New


May 01, 2020 at 11:56 p.m. ISTSource: ANI

On May 1, the Home Office announced a two-week extension to the shutdown period following the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), but with considerable easing in green areas. The guidelines will be followed according to the zones, the Union’s Ministry of Health has divided more than 700 districts across India into red, orange and green zones in preparation for a coronavirus pandemic. Liquor stores and “paan” stores will be allowed to operate in green areas while ensuring a minimum distance of six feet. A limited number of activities will remain prohibited throughout India, regardless of the area. However, all industrial and construction activities in rural areas, including the work of MNREGA, food processing units and brickyards are licensed regardless of the areas.


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