Liverpool night makes headlines as Man City star admits Reds


Here are the headlines for your evening in Liverpool for Monday, May 11.

Liverpool could still play Anfield

Premier League clubs met Monday to further discuss plans to “restart the project”. A key topic of discussion has been the use of neutral stadiums to host matches, with the league concerned that supporters will gather outside the stadiums, thereby breaking the rules of social distancing.

However, after Brighton, Watford and Aston Villa publicly opposed the rule, it was reported that the Premier League would ask the government if it was possible to use normal stadiums to host matches.

According to a Times article, the Premier League will ask to play behind closed doors in the club’s own stadiums. According to the report, six initial clubs were against the proposal and six more joined on Monday, with concerns expressed regarding sponsorship agreements with the stadium.

For Liverpool, that would mean they play four games at Anfield against Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Burnley and Aston Villa. It would also mean they could celebrate the Premier League victory at Anfield if they won two of their nine remaining games.

Government plans return

The Premier League has been suspended since mid-March. However, plans to “restart the project” have been the subject of extensive discussion in recent weeks with a view to resuming in mid-June.

The plans depend on government sanctions. They must have permission to return to play, which will come when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

After Boris Johnson’s briefing on Sunday evening, which outlined the next steps for easing lock-in restrictions in the UK, the return of professional sports was listed in Stage 2, which is not expected until the June 1 at the earliest and depends on the health and safety objectives achieved.

A document with more details on the plan was released Monday morning. As part of phase 2, it was stated that “allowing cultural and sporting events to take place behind closed doors for dissemination, while avoiding the risk of large-scale social contacts” will be possible from June 1.

Mahrez explains how Salah blocked the Merseyside movement

How all that could have been different for Riyad Mahrez, Mohamed Salah and Liverpool.

The Reds signed Salah de Roma in 2017. He scored 44 goals in his first season, won the PFA player of the year title, and sent Liverpool to two Champions League finals, including one they won, and on the brink of their first Premier League title in 30 years.

However, Liverpool were also interested in Mahrez that summer, but preferred Salah to him.

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“Before signing in Manchester City,” Mahrez told DZ Foot in an Instagram Live interview. “There was an interest in Liverpool for me, but as soon as they took Mo Salah, it was over. “

Mahrez signed for Manchester City a year later, but at this point Liverpool were very happy with his decision.

Neville argues Aaron Wan-Bissaka against Trent Alexander-Arnold

In Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool have one of the most advertised young backs in world football. He broke records for his attendance, is renowned for his passing and passing skills, and has established himself as a crucial aspect of Klopp’s system.

Around the same period, Manchester United also signed their long-term right-back, drawing Aaron Wan-Bissaka away from Crystal Palace last summer. Both are English, young and play across the Liverpool-Manchester divide. Inevitably, this led to a debate about what is best.

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Liverpool FC essential news

This week, Gary Neville had a say in a position he knows well.

“Right now, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the best defender,” said Neville on a live video on Instagram. “But Trent is going ahead … I haven’t seen anyone like this since Cafu.

“So Trent is ahead at this point, but Wan-Bissaka has settled in very well and will be important in the next few years. “


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