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The first team

Liverpool President Tom Werner was involved in a new BBC sitcom by the creators of The Inbetweeners.

The first team will follow the lives of three footballers in a fictitious Premier League club and put Will Arnett as President.

Co-creator Ian Morris told “Tom was very involved, he was great.

“He is exactly what you would expect from a man who has made thousands of hours of brilliant comedy television over the years.

“He said:” I’m not sure about this story, I like this actor, I don’t like this actor “. It was exactly what you wanted – high-level executive production.

“To be honest with you, there were times when we had castings and Damon and I got a phone call from Tom, and he looked at them immediately when Damon and I hadn’t even seen them!

“It has not happened once, it has happened many times.

“It happened on stage when we said to ourselves, ‘Oh my God, Tom is on the phone, we haven’t even looked at this thing.’ So he was very, very involved and very helpful in our research.

“We did a lot of research for the show and part of it was talking to Tom, talking to people he knew and making arrangements for us to meet and chat.

“He was the perfect executive producer in many ways because he was very good at comedy, but also a great connection to football and could tell us a lot about this world. “

Tom Werner and John Henry at Anfield
The first team will be broadcast on BBC 2 on May 28!


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