Liverpool go into Premier League limbo as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s “fight” emerges


Joe Gomez has revealed the biggest challenge for the Liverpool players as they await news of the resumption of their Premier League title challenge.

The Reds resumed group training last week after spending more than two months working primarily in isolation due to the coronavirus epidemic that saw the upper flight suspended on March 13.

Premier League clubs will hold their last video conference on Wednesday to discuss the introduction of contact training and a possible date for the restart of games.

And Gomez admits that the continuing uncertainty caused by the pandemic has been a major test for Jurgen Klopp’s team.

“We are so used to having a structured schedule – at the start of the season you have your devices for the whole year,” he said.

“As individuals, we have to adapt and take it one day at a time, literally. But I don’t think it’s very different from the rest of the nation by the minute, everyone is in limbo and doesn’t know what we’re going to or when it’s going to end.

“It was probably the biggest challenge in all of this, during the lockdown and so on, doing your sessions and not knowing when it was going to end or what you were working on; just knowing: ‘Today I‘ have to do it ’and just cross it.

“We are doing it in a more pleasant environment now and among our teammates. We are fortunate to work under these circumstances. “

Liverpool are 25 points ahead of the table and need only two more wins to seal their first title since 1990.

And Gomez, speaking to, believes the Reds are determined to hit the ground running when the green light is given for the Premier League to resume.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain of Liverpool during a training session at Melwood
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain of Liverpool during a training session at Melwood

“Yes, that is our goal,” he said. “It is important that we start and that we are ready. Sports science takes care of us on a physical level. Tactically, we went back there as much as possible.

“Obviously we had a rigorous program that the fitness guys set for us and everyone respected. So it doesn’t feel like starting from scratch, but I guess because of the break we are in. But everyone is anxious to go and just enjoy the process. ”

Gomez is one of many Liverpool players to return to Melwood wearing a different hairstyle given the lack of help available from barbers at the moment.

And while having no problem with the look, he admits that the same cannot be said for all of his teammates.

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“I like it, I’m not one to be too bothered to get a filling (regularly),” said Gomez. “Some guys, it’s ritual. But I don’t mind being free and having the excuse for it to look like that.

“Some guys have trouble; Ox has given it a try, hasn’t it, he’s probably gagged to get a new finish, I think. But I love this. It’s nice to leave everyone free without the pressure of expecting to look lively. “


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