Liverpool could take advantage of Champions League confusion as UEFA expires


Liverpool could be European champion for another 12 months, although it has been knocked out of the Champions League this season.

Atletico Madrid defeated Jurgen Klopp’s men at home and away in the round of 16, the second leg remaining the last competitive game Liverpool have played.

But the rest of this year’s tournament is threatened thanks to the coronavirus.

Across Europe, where the pandemic has hit the hardest, different approaches to national campaigns have been adopted.

In Belgium, a decision by points per match was taken to attribute the title to Club Brugge by Simon Mignolet, but this is impossible in a knockout tournament.

In France, the season was also shortened, the PSG of Thomas Tuchel being named champion with 11 games to play. Meanwhile, in Germany, matches are resuming, and the plan is that the Premier League will follow suit in a few weeks.

But resuming matches in Europe while travel is limited, with a two-week quarantine period currently required for anyone arriving in the UK, presents a number of difficulties.

Then there is the sporting side of the matter, with


, where their competitive season is over and sports of any kind prohibited until the end of August, unable to have the same level of physical fitness or technical precision as their contemporaries, for example in Germany, even if they can go to a neutral place outside their country of origin.

More should be clear about what UEFA will do in the coming weeks, with their May 25 deadline for the European leagues to decide what they have done now.

The governing body is extremely keen to finish the competition, while the clubs would also prefer not to lose the money from the lucrative tournament taking place, but this may not be possible.

As football finance expert Kieran Maguire explained in a special Blood Red podcast: “UEFA is looking forward to the end of the season and it is very clear that it is very quiet with its projections.

“A lot of this awaits them to try to determine whether it is possible to play in both the Champions League and the Europa League.

“The challenges are significant and this could be done behind closed doors in neutral places, as well as a means of closure.

“The extent to which you progress in the tournament has financial implications in terms of how the prizes are awarded.

“And then there are the crazy 10-year UEFA coefficients that have to be calculated, and the team that wins the competition also automatically qualifies next year, as does the team that wins the Europa League.

“UEFA would be very reluctant to cancel everything this season, but there will be problems.

“The French league has been canceled nationally, so where does that leave those clubs that are supposed to play in Europe?

“Whenever you think you have an answer, another question arises.

“UEFA is hosting huge WhatsApp and Zoom meetings like we all are today, but every time you get an answer it creates a new problem. “

Unlike the Premier League, invalidity is not excluded for the Champions League.

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Liverpool FC essential news

Liverpool, in a way, will benefit from this due to the fact that their crown will not be stolen, although any decision on what follows will be riddled with problems.


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