Listen to the latest promotional clue from Your Heart ‘Will a couple leave before the last performance?


We’re on the edge, Bachelor Nation fans. The Bachelor presents: listen to your heart broadcasts its first season finale on Monday May 18. And everyone is anxious to know if Rudi and Matt, Trevor and Jamie, or Bri and Chris will win the musical spin-off. But even before diving into performance, The single person: Listen to your heart The final promo hinted that there might have been a couple going home before the last show in Nashville.

“The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart” Promotion Final Trailer

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In The baccalaureate: listen to your heart on May 11, Natascha and Ryan were sent to pack. Then Chris Harrison told the last three candidates that they were heading to Nashville, Tennessee for the grand finale. At the time, everyone seemed excited. But once the promo trailer for the finale started to roll, the drama started to unravel.

“Coming up next week, all of that led to that. The last episode of Listen to your heart“Said the host in a voiceover. “Who will find love, glory and the ultimate price? But the drama behind the scenes threatens to tear them apart. “

Meanwhile, clips of the remaining couples paraded. Chris said they were about to make the biggest show of their career. He then entered the room with Bri and they were later seen playing Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love”. But even so, there seemed to be problems in heaven. In the teaser, Bri said, “My heart doesn’t lie to me. There is something wrong. “

Trevor and Jamie also shared a kiss on stage before teasing the guest judges for Week 6 – Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jason Tartick, Taye Diggs, Rita Wilson and Jewel. Jamie then revealed the Listen to your heart the cast will make Fantasy Suites. And in a voiceover, the pop-country singer admitted that she felt overwhelmed and scared.

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Then, despite their breakthrough in the fifth week, Rudi and Matt appeared to be untangled in the Listen to your heart promo. In the middle of the preview, Matt apparently said, “Like I’m madly in love with her. Later, he told Rudi that he cared about her.

That said, Matt also explained that something was “killing him”. And finally, Rudi got up and went out. “I just want to go,” she said, crying. “This is a lot to settle,” said Matt in a voiceover. “I just want to understand all of this. “

Now the Listen to your heart teaser revealed that each couple will struggle in the final. However, only two couples were seen on stage – Chris and Bri as well as Jamie and Trevor. Nevertheless, we all know The single person the team likes to add fakes to previews. So should fans worry about Rudi and Matt? Everyone will have to wait and see.

When will the finale of “The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart” air on ABC?

Chris Harrison on ABC's
Chris Harrison on “The Baccalaureate: Hear Your Heart” | John Fleenor via Getty Images

As mentioned, fans can watch The baccalaureate: listen to your heart final Monday May 18. The last episode of the season will begin airing at 8 p.m. AND on ABC, as usual. However, don’t expect an extended final episode. According to the network press release, the Listen to your heart the final will only last two hours and will end at 10 p.m. AND.

However, it is possible The baccalaureate: listen to your heart will receive a revealing episode. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight in April 2020, Harrison raised the possibility of a virtual meeting. But of course it would depend on the audience’s response to the show.

“There is certainly potential with this. First, let’s wait and see, “said Harrison at the time. “I hope everyone likes this show and they want more. If there is this appetite and we think there are enough stories where there are relationships or anything where they deserve a special, then, yes, [we’ll do a reunion]. “

Whether or not The baccalaureate: listen to your heart receives a reunion episode, it all comes down to the grand finale of May 18. So stay tuned. This one is going to be a crazy race.

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