Lisa Kudrow on the critics of the all-white actors in “Friends”


Photo: Paul Drinkwater / NBC via Getty Images

With the friends Special meeting (and the corresponding massive paychecks) on a break due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lisa Kudrow offered her perspective on a lingering concern that some fans and critics have about the sitcom: that the six friends were all white, and despite living in the diverse metropolis known as New York City, rarely, if ever, interacted with diverse people outside of their own race. “Oh, it would be completely different. It wouldn’t be an all-white cast, that’s for sure, “she told the The Sunday Times. “I don’t know what else, but for me it should be seen as a time capsule, not for what they did wrong. Kudrow, as co-star David Schwimmer has said in the past, reiterated how many friends the intrigue was considered revolutionary at the time for television. “Also, this show thought it was very progressive,” she said. “Was there a guy whose wife found out he was gay and pregnant, and they raised the child together?” We also had surrogacy. It was progressive at the time. “


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