Letter: France has the power to cut the United Kingdom into a fishing dispute


The UK calls on French unions to take violent physical reprisals if it does not compromise EU fishing rights after Brexit (“Plans drawn up to circumvent Calais”, 7 May). In solidarity, without any doubt, with their fellow fishermen, the French port, customs, immigration, dockers and the railways could paralyze and lock all the transport infrastructure in Calais-Dover; no commercial or private traffic could move in both directions.

The 26-mile Dover-Calais route is a commercial and physical crossing point for the United Kingdom. No other cross-Channel route can match its bidirectional traffic capacity in logistical terms. The United Kingdom must recognize this imperative. Insularity comes at a price.

If EU fishing rights in the English Channel muddle Brexit, the UK will be cut, not the continent.

Robin Healey
London SW19, United Kingdom


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