Leo Varadkar will unveil a roadmap today to ease restrictions on Covid-19


LEO Varadkar has released a roadmap for easing Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland.

Speaking outside government buildings tonight, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that our society was put to the “ultimate test”.

    Taoiseach Varadkar spoke in front of government buildings2
Taoiseach Varadkar spoke in front of government buildings
    Tests for Covid-19 will continue2
Tests for Covid-19 will continue

People who have cocooned will be allowed to go shopping from this Tuesday and the limit of 2 km will be extended to 5 km.

He said, “We still have too many people in the hospital and in our intensive care units. Unfortunately, we still have too many deaths every day.

“Our scientists and doctors tell us that if we relax the restrictions too soon, we could see our overcrowded intensive care units, our nursing homes under renewed pressure and our overworked health care staff within days.

“Everything we have accomplished would be lost. Our best chances of winning this battle would be wiped out and we could be back to square one. “

“So we have to keep going, a little bit more. “

The Irish Covid-19 death toll has jumped by another 34 today, bringing the total number of virus victims to 1,265 here.

Health officials have announced that another 221 people have tested positive for the killer virus, which means there are now 20,833 confirmed cases in Ireland.

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