Leave announcement “to be announced Tuesday” and part-time workers expected to return


Workers on leave could return part-time while the Chancellor plans to end the plan, we learned.

More than six million people are currently receiving leave payment due to the coronavirus pandemic. It would cost our economy around £ 8 billion.

Business Secretary Alok Sharma and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak have spoken to industry groups.

It is now believed that the government will announce a reduction in the program as early as Tuesday.

Craig Beaumont, Director of External Affairs for the Federation of Small Business, said, “We really hope that progress will be made on part-time leave, as small businesses in particular benefit from the opportunity to bid for new jobs, to stay in touch with employees and pay their bills. ”

The Financial Times says that Sharma had “positive signals about the flexibility of the plan” during the discussions.

But the original plan was to use the leave until the end of June. It currently subsidizes 80% of the wages of employees on leave, up to £ 2,500 per month.

Employees who are asked to return part-time will only work in areas deemed essential to protection and maintained on the leave plan, says The Sun.

Those in pubs, restaurants, hotels and the tourism industry are likely to be on holiday for the time being.

Companies in these sectors may be able to request an extension.

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Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer acknowledged that the leave could not “last indefinitely” and urged the Chancellor to create a category of “semi-enmeshed” people who could work part-time.

Garden centers should however be able to reopen in England and Wales on Monday.

Boris Johnson is expected to confirm this tomorrow, in addition to the other small steps the government has agreed to take in an effort to ease the foreclosure.


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