Laura Whitmore opens on purchase of two homes before age 35 as she confirms commitment


Laura Whitmore seems to have finally confirmed that she and her long-term love Ian Stirling are engaged.

The 34-year-old, who succeeded the tragic friend Caroline Flack as host of Love Island, nodded to an article saying that the couple was taking the next step.

Laura’s interview with The Times covered her life as well as money matters.

He said, “She lives in north London with her fiance, comedian Iain Stirling and her dog Mick” – and she was happy with what was said.

Laura also talked about shopping – mostly treats and also homes.

Smitten Laura looks to the future with Iain

But she also said that she doesn’t know how much she earns after being asked about her earnings.

“I like good deals,” she said. “If I want to splash out, I can rent a luxury dress, especially if I only plan to wear it once. I often realize that I don’t like it as much as I thought and I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

“To be honest, I don’t really know (how much she earned last year). The money goes into my public limited company and I pay myself from there.

Laura Whitmore
She says she doesn’t know how much she earned last year

“But my mother and father seem to know that each year an Irish newspaper prints what the high earners did. “

She continued, “I bought an apartment in Camden at the age of 26, which I was very lucky. I think it’s an Irish thing to own land, which gives you a little bit of security.

“I bought my last property, a house in north London, a year ago. “

Laura and Iain started dating for the first time in 2017,

There are great days ahead for the couple

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But he really took his time to move according to the passionate presenter.

“When we first met, he didn’t even hit me, he was too nervous to hit me! I think he was intimidated by me – I remember Iain was too afraid to ask me, so in the end I had to ask him, “she told the JD’s In The Duffle Bag podcast .

“He would send me random messages, DM me and ask me about my dog.

“It took nine months, but we got there! I was like “let’s go have a drink”. I think I should act on him. “


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