Laura Ingraham scams the media and the left for blockages: they “don’t want us to continue”


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Laura Ingraham continued to target those who were preventing the reopening of the American economy, shooting Liberal governors for their policies against coronaviruses and saying that it was time to “move on” and that taking risks was the basis of America.

“Getting out of the house every morning instantly puts us at risk, getting into a vehicle, buying inventory, even ordering from a restaurant all involves a certain level of risk,” Ingraham said on Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.” “We are thinking about it. If we never take risks, we never go beyond the status quo. We never innovate. We never get better. We never learn. We never grow up. And while the coronavirus is new, our approach, like our approach to each challenge, also includes risk. Let citizens make their own decisions, determine their own destiny. “

CNN mocked claim that women “wore the hat” of the pandemic

“Well, it is the hallmark of our free society,” said Ingraham. “Yet the left has moved many times to limit individual choices on very personal decisions. Whether you buy a gun or you can even educate your own children at home on the type of car you drive to your right to speak freely on social media. “

Ingrahm said the Liberals “don’t trust their own citizens. And sometimes they seem to enjoy punishing them. ”

The host called the left for having turned people against each other and tore apart the Democratic governors for being hypocritical during the virus crisis.

“Now they are talking about a unit in crisis while they turn on a neighbor denouncing each other for violations. But the truth is, they don’t believe in their own rules because if Virginia’s governor Ralph Northam was truly convinced that wearing masks would save lives, “he would have worn a mask at the beach last weekend.” said Ingraham. “And if the governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, really thought that the lockdowns were so good in his state, he would not let his family travel and risk their lives to go to Florida, Wisconsin, dangerous and dangerous. And if Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer really thought traveling north was going to endanger people there, her husband wouldn’t have traveled there to get his boat out of storage. “


Ingraham criticized the medical establishment before declaring that the Americans “move on”.

“Now I understand that the medical establishment does not want us to continue. The media certainly do not want us to continue, ”said Ingraham. “And the Liberals don’t want us to continue. But we are. We continue. “


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