Latest heat map shows extent of coronavirus infection in North Wales


New heat maps have revealed how the coronavirus continues to spread in North Wales.

Data released yesterday by Public Health Wales (PHW) showed that people are still infected in all six counties in the region.

Fears are growing that the region may become a Covid-19 hotspot.

In the past week, Gwynedd has gone from a rate of 215 people infected per 100,000 to 256.1; The number of Anglesey increased from 157.2 to 205.8; Conwy went from 238.9 to 282.5.

Denbighshire still has the highest infection levels in the population, with 390.2 versus 323.1; Wrexham went from 247.6 to 283.6 and Flintshire went from 196 to 233.9.

The graphics, produced by Twitter user @LloydCymru, who also runs the website, illustrate the spread of the virus in Wales.

Heat Map shows how the infection rate has increased across Wales from Friday May 8 (right) to Friday May 15 (left)
Heat Map shows how the infection rate has increased across Wales from Friday May 8 (right) to Friday May 15 (left)

Rhondda Cynon Taf – 563 and Merthy Tydfil – 531.7 – in the south, have the highest infection rates in Wales per 100,000.

This is the Prime Minister of the Welsh government, Mark Drakeford, who has unveiled a traffic light system to get Wales out of the lockdown when conditions are right.

Heat map shows infection rate across Wales
Heat map shows infection rate across Wales

Nine other people died yesterday after being tested positive for coronavirus in Wales. while the death toll in the north is now approaching 200.

Public Health Wales has also registered 126 new known cases, which means that 11,960 people tested positive for the disease in Wales, although the actual number is likely to be much higher.

The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Council has registered 20 new cases, bringing the total to 1,915 in North Wales.

The number of deaths on the board of health is 189, but this number does not include some deaths in the community.

Since the start of the epidemic, 144 people have now tested positive in Anglesey, 331 in Conwy, 372 in Denbighshire, 364 in Flintshire, 318 in Gwynedd and 386 in Wrexham.

Unveiling the traffic light system, Drakeford said: “We, like the countries of the world, are able to think about how we can get out of the lock.

“But, it is essential, in doing so, that we recognize that this is not a short-term crisis.

“Until there is a vaccine or effective treatment, we will have to live with the disease in our society and try to control its spread and lessen its effects. “


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