Latest Dance Director Says Jordan Spit on Game Pizza Flu, Pizza Hut Manager Calls “Crap”


More details are emerging on Michael Jordan’s “flu game” and each story seems crazier than the next.

The day before Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals between Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls, the now infamous “flu game”, Jordan was in his hotel room in Park City, Utah , with coach Tim Grover and personal assistant George Koehler. According to a story from episode 9 of The last dance, Jordan was hungry around 10:30 p.m. and told them to order a pizza.

“There was no room service in the hotel, so they called,” said Jason Hehir, director of The last dance, said Jalen & Jacoby on Monday. “When the pizza appears, Michael says,” Everyone, don’t touch this pizza, it’s mine. You weren’t expecting [for dinner], don’t touch that. “So he spits on the pizza. “”

“Has this pizza been enriched?” I do not know. I don’t think anyone else ate this pizza. “

There are other accounts that Jordan spits out food to keep people from eating it. According to an ESPN story by Wright Thompson, Jordan once spat out cinnamon rolls “to make sure no one takes their food.”

In The last dance, Grover claimed that “five guys” ended up delivering the pizza in 1997 and that Jordan was poisoned.

“Five guys deliver pizza, they’re all trying to look,” said Grover. “I’m having pizza. I pay them. I put this pizza down. I say, “I have a bad impression of this pizza.” “

Jordan continued to eat at least some of the pizza, said Grover, and started to get very sick.

“One hundred percent was food poisoning, 100 percent,” said Grover on the Barstool Sports Pardon My Take podcast. “But obviously it just seems better to be the” game of the flu “than the” game of food poisoning “.

“… No one has eaten the pizza except him. Nobody. And there was no sign of flu, anything, being sick before that. Then, around 3 am, I receive a call in my room which simply says: ‘Hey, man, come to MJ’s room’ and he’s literally curled up in a fetal position … I don’t know any flu that can hit you too quickly, but I know how quickly food poisoning can hit you.

“… that’s my story, that’s what I watched. I was in the room when it all happened, so if someone looked better than me, I would like to see who that person was because they were definitely there. ”

But the former deputy director of Pizza Hut, who made and delivered the pizza, denies there was a fish case and calls Jordan’s food poisoning story a “pile of shit.”

“I am 100% sure it was not food poisoning,” Craig Fite told Jake Scott and Gordon Monson of 1280 The Zone in Salt Lake City. “Or, sure the devil wasn’t that pizza. “

Fite said he had made a “great extra thin thin crisp pepperoni pizza” and that he had taken every precaution to make sure the pizza was safe.

“I followed all the rules,” he said.

Fite said that two people – not five – went to Jordan’s room.

“The shit story the guy said, there were five people, there were two of us – and I didn’t even have a lot of people working at the time at the time – but there were two of us,” said Fite.

Fite said he asked the door if he could say hello to Jordan, and that Jordan signaled him to the room.

Despite his illness, Jordan scored 38 points with 7 rebounds and 5 assists in Chicago’s 90-88 victory in Game 5.

“My son is named Michael Jordan, so it’s pretty funny,” said Fite.


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