Latest Coronavirus: Spanish PM will request a month-long extension of the state of emergency


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said the government will seek an extension of the state of emergency for another month as the country continues to phase out traffic restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The state of emergency was to end on May 24.

Spain reported another 102 deaths in 24 hours on Saturday, a slight increase from the previous day but very small compared to the daily deaths reported just a few weeks ago.

The country has reported more than 500 new cases of virus for a total of 230,698 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 27,563 deaths in Spain.

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Italy ready to ease travel restrictions

Italy will ease travel restrictions from June 3, allowing travel between regions and some international travel.

People will be able to travel to their own region from Monday after the country gradually began lifting the lock restrictions in early May.

New travel restrictions will only be implemented based on certain areas and their coronavirus outbreaks, said the Italian Council of Ministers.

Italy was the first country outside of Asia to experience a serious COVID-19 epidemic and imposed lockdown restrictions in early March.

Starting in May, the country gradually allowed many people to return to work provided they respected physical distance measures.

Italy has the third highest death rate in the world after the United States and the United Kingdom with more than 31,000 deaths.

Watch more of the Italian government’s decision in the video player above.

Record number of deaths in Russia

Meanwhile, Russia recorded a record number of deaths on Saturday, with 119 in 24 hours, AFP said.

The country has approximately 9,000 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to more than 272,000 cases.

Russia has the second highest number of cases in the world after the United States but a much lower death toll, with an official number of just over 2,500 deaths.

Some have questioned the figure, an accusation the authorities have dismissed.

Greece to open public beaches

Greece is about to reopen public beaches in the heat wave.

The government has put in place strict social distancing measures that include a large fine and a potential closure for companies that break the rules.

Group food and sports activities are still banned in Greece, but the government plans to open bars and restaurants in late May.

This article is updated as new coronavirus updates emerge.


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