Large energy company OVO / SSE to cut 2,600 jobs in digital transmission | Economic news


OVO Energy, which bought just 500 million pounds of household supplies just a few months ago, has announced plans to cut 2,600 jobs.

The company said its integration plans, including digital momentum and investments in a zero carbon future, had been accelerated by the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic.

OVO said it had originally expected the molding of the two companies to take a number of years, but it hoped to get the cuts from volunteers, although it cannot rule out compulsory layoffs.

He said about the roles involved: “As part of the integration, the company will remove complexities and duplicates by combining SSE Energy Services and OVO home services, rental activities, metering, efforts commercial and support functions.

“He will continue to digitize legacy HSE processes and move the business to a common set of systems to meet the demands of an increasingly digital consumer and a more agile workforce.”

“To accommodate these changes and as part of a move towards more flexible working, the offices of Selkirk, Reading and Glasgow Waterloo Street will be closed.

“The employees of these sites will be able to work at home or in another office. “

The Unison union said plans to relocate 700 more jobs to South Africa had been abandoned by the company.

OVO CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick said, “Today is a very difficult day. We have a brilliant team here and this news is not a reflection of anyone’s work.

“What should have been a much longer process to digitize HSE activity and integrate it with OVO has been speeded up due to the impact of the coronavirus.

“We are seeing a rapid increase in the number of customers using digital channels to interact with us, and in our experience, once customers start engaging differently, they do not return.

“As a result, we expect a permanent reduction in demand for certain roles, while other roles on the ground are also strongly affected. “


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