Lakeshore General Hospital Affected by Another COVID-19 Outbreak


Content of the article

Less than two weeks after a major COVID-19 outbreak hit the Lakeshore General Hospital, the acute care facility in Pointe-Claire was hit by another group of cases on Monday.

The latest incident came after officials from the West Island health authority agreed to test all patients and staff for coronavirus after the outbreak in late April. However, a source told the Montreal Gazette that not everyone has been tested.

Of particular concern is the fact that five out of 10 patients have contracted pandemic 3 South respiratory disease, where all rooms on this floor are private. Six other patients were infected in 3 North, reserved for those recovering from an operation.

Since then, the Canadian Red Cross has made a series of recommendations to help the Lakeshore manage the situation.

Following a new outbreak (Monday) at the hospital, we have a team on site who is reorganizing the containment zones “, Guillaume Bérubé, spokesperson for the The West Island CIUSSS told the Montreal Gazette by email.


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