Kym Marsh desperately wants to kiss his army boyfriend as they are reunited after seven months


Kym Marsh said she desperately wants to kiss her army boyfriend when they are finally reunited after her seven-month tour of Afghanistan.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, former Coronation Street Kym star promoted OK! Closet Clear Out for Refuge campaign to help raise funds for Refuge charity.

This comes after the charity reported a 50% increase in calls to its national domestic abuse hotline since the foreclosure began.

Speaking on GMB today, Kym said: “Charities really suffer because people just don’t have money, so it’s a good thing that OK is doing right now. “

Kym Marsh said she desperately wanted to kiss her army boyfriend

Scott Ratcliffe is on a seven-month tour of Afghanistan

Kym also spoke about the meeting with partner Scott Ratcliffe today and said it was a “long tour”.

“It’s been 7 months now,” she told hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard. “We had a small meeting for his R&R but it’s been seven months. “

Kym also talked about finding his partner Scott Ratcliffe

Kym and Scott have been dating since July 2018

Kym and Scott have been dating since July 2018 after separating from former Matt Baker.

She continued, “I really, really missed him. It’s difficult because your partner is your support network – I just want a hug! “

The actress admitted that she also missed her grandson and that she could not hug him.

Revealing that it was her grandson’s first birthday on Sunday, she revealed that she had left gifts for him “at a safe distance”.

She added, “I can’t wait to tighten it up, little chubby chops! “

* Good Morning Britain is broadcast on weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV


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